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Natural Gas Heat Conversion Application

You may be eligible for a $500 credit towards your account when you convert a single family home or duplex to a natural gas heating system, are an existing PGW customer and your PGW gas account is current.

When the conversion installation is complete, fill out the form below and attach a copy of your signed installation contract and paid invoice. Once your information is verified and your application is approved, you will receive a $500 credit toward your PGW gas account. Allow 6‐8 weeks for processing.

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Please attach a copy of your signed contract and a paid in full invoice outlining the equipment details and all work completed.

If you are using a tablet or smart phone to submit your application, please take a picture of your documents and upload them in one of the below file formats.

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To have the credit applied to your account within 6‐8 weeks, please complete the required fields in the form above and attach all necessary documents. If the form is filled out incorrectly or documents are missing, your credit may be delayed. If you prefer, you may also mail in your application with documentation to:

Philadelphia Gas Works
Marketing Department ‐ Conversion Credit
800 W. Montgomery Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122

For additional questions or comments, please call 215.684.6700
or email

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